Friday, September 21, 2007

Maple Creek, SK

August 27-28, 2007
Maple Creek, SK

We arrived in Maple Creek in mid-afternoon. Nettie Coderre is an absolute gem. She is a grandmother raising two boys with FASD and manages the Cypress Hills Motor Inn in Maple Creek. Population is about 2300. Nettie provided us with 2 rooms.

Our event for Maple Creek was planned to be August 30th. As I was in some discomfort with my new hernia, Nettie suggested we could skip the event and I could continue on home to arange for surgery. I really did not want to cancel the event but quipped about moving it up sooner. Nettie got on the phone and began calling, to make the event that evening at 7:30 PM.

Three hours later, the coffee shop in the hotel was packed. In the audience were Chief Alice Pahtayken (Nekaneet First Nation), two RCMP officers, the head of the Salvation Army Branch, teachers and families. It was a lively evening with a great discussion and refreshments. Wow!!! All this on three hours notice. And big cities like Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary can't get their act together even with substantial notice.

Nettie, you showed the power of positive thinking and positive action. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again.

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