Friday, September 21, 2007

Revelstoke, BC

August 22-23, 2007
Revelstoke, BC

The boys set up a tent in the public park at the edge of town. I stayed in the van. At 5 AM I awoke and took Duchess for a walk. When I returned I noticed a couple of in-ground lawn sprinklers watering the lawn about 100 feet away. I realized that could be a problem and rushed to wake the boys. They were too slow, and the next set of sprinklers were right beside their tent. Up popped the sprinkler heads and one shot a large stream of water under the tent fly into the tent interior, soaking the boys. They scrambled out of the tent, grabbed it by the corners and moved it to the parking lot. It was a comic scene, punctuated by deleted expletives.

We packed the tent, had breakfast and moved on to Donald Station. Steve was not home but we chatted with Jeff for a bit, then moving on to Banff National Park. We were provided with a campsite for 4 nights, 3 gratis. Time to see Lake Louise, Moraine Lake and the Town of Banff.

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