Friday, September 21, 2007

Victoria, BC - A huge disappointment

August 20, 2007
Victoria, BC

We drove to Victoria and the appointed location where the FASD Community Circle - Victoria was planning an event, arriving on time before 12:30 PM. The organizer had sent notices out to their extensive list of FASD related contacts on the island. We were met by ................ NOBODY. Nada, niet, zip. Nobody showed up, including the media.

We were told that media won't cover a subject area such as FASD more than once every 6 months. It seems that our arrival might interfere with the media covering the September 9th International FASD Day event locally.

This was particularly disturbing and disappointing as this was the end of the East to West, Atlantic to Pacific, trek for Fetal Alcohol awareness. It was ironic that International FASD Day began on FASlink and in Victoria we were snubbed because of it. It certainly left a very bad taste in our mouths for Victoria and after taking our photos and video at the Pacific shore, we took the ferry (another $100+) back to the mainland. We had to simply lick our wounds, and wounded bank account, and continue on. Exhaustion was setting in.

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